Eliza the Android EP

by Envelope Generator

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released March 30, 2015

written  performed  mixed  ||  james cronin
vocals  ||  eliza the android
album art  concept  additional lyrics  ||  sam dowse
mastered  ||  jason parker  parks of bathgate

the COOL JOHN recording company  ||  #03



all rights reserved


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Track Name: All Over (When You're Gone)
you're going to jump in a rocket to anywhere
or that's what you told me
burning every bridge on your way there
there's nobody else you need
your mind's in an empty glass
and it washes over you

you were the one who said
it's all over when you're gone
don't waste the time thinking backwards
before you carry on
the only chance we have is right now

soon you find yourself putting pen to page
when everything's aching
but what comes out is a strangely mournful song
and you're breaking down
but you mean every word
from the top of your metal heart
you built the whole thing up
and it's hard to pull apart now

and we were so high
that i could see you were crying on your knees
and you know i'm grateful
but it's time for me to take my leave.
Track Name: Suitcase
it's hard to work out what your smile really says to me
or what that softly spoken voice is hiding underneath
you don't look me in the eyes
you seem hard to please
i admit that i'm still broke so you pay for my coffee
we don't kiss and then i leave

it's not that you don't like me
and it's not that i am thinking this is wrong
and i guess we could be happy
but what if we'd be happier if someone else came along
i was taught to not say never
it just feels like we weren't ever meant to be together

this is where i sleep now
still it doesn't feel like home
everyone has got some place to go
and yet they look alone
no one looks me in the eyes
am i so hard to please?
i admit this isn't me so you pay for my ticket
we don't cry and then i leave

it's not that you don't like me
and it's not that i don't think the view is incredible
and you tell me how i'm lucky
but what if you had never felt so out of place before
i was taught to not say never
but if i don't i'm scared i'll never leave here ever

i won't be a part of your machine and i won't be your king
living in a suitcase with my life the world and everything

i've been on your side before but now i see what each day brings
more dissatisfaction with my life the world and everything.
Track Name: Radio Silence
at night i cry out to the neon sky for you
hesitate until i can think of what to say to you
the wind keeps blowing and spinning in my head
there's nothing but the moonlight in my bed
where are you now?

if you come to me i'll put on the light for you
i'll leave the window open a little like you used to do
walls of presentation we built to hide inside
i took the memory of your smile to stay alive
but it's fading

at night i cry out to the neon sky for you
every night i wonder if there'll be a reply from you

feedback from the thoughts behind an empty page
how am i to know if you care or if you feel the same
broken pencil twitches in my hand
you don't see and i don't understand
and that's how we'll stay.
Track Name: Daughter
now she's colder
and sees her hand float before her
and she remembers
she used to be someone's daughter
and i can see her
she's never bodily here
and always fading
but never quite disappears

her curse is to be just like she rehearsed
knowing every verse
and keeping clear of the trap door
but we differ in kind and not degree
rather her than me
this isn't what we signed up for

why don't you sit with me?
big people make me feel nervous
with all that's screaming
it's strange to feel i deserve this

but she can't be broke so easily
though she can't breathe
she doesn't know any better
between each silent blemish of her skin
i know just what she means
i knew the first day i met her
of course i learned the lines that she was taught
a million perfect thoughts
to keep her safe from disorder
but no
they turn to bubbles in her throat
she watches as they float
and let her lungs fill with water.